Blockchain Angel Investing & Strategic Marketing


Promether: Founding Stage Angel Investor

Promether is a base network layer protocol offering security, and anonymity to all types of apps; legacy (e.g. ftp, email) , new (e.g. skype, twitter) even entire blockchain, decentralised, or centralised ecosystems (e.g. ethereum, holochain). Find out more:620-577-3107

Korporatio: Founding Stage Angel Investor

Korporatio enables you to create not only a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) but a fully Compliant Blockchain Company  (CBC); Allowing business owners to have a fully legal entity (incorporated in the Seychelles) with features (such as share transfers and voting) being blockchain based. Find out more: 5174822320

Bounty0x: (almost) Founding Stage Angel Investor

Bounty0x is becoming known as the platform for ICOs to run their launch bounty campaigns; with over $2million paid out to 30k users in their alpha release. Anyone can join and post a bounty for writing, tweeting, blogging, making videos, making reviews, even developing websites and apps – and anyone can apply to claim them, all in crypto. Think Fiver meets Odesk meets Mechanical Turk. Find out more:


In addition to founder investments, Big Bird is invested across the blockchain economy since 2014. We are especially proud to hold founder investor positions or significant investments in the following projects:

Stratis (STRAT), Lisk (LSK), Factom (FCT), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Sonm (SONM), Ubiq (UBQ), Substratum (SUB), Iconomi (ICN), Oax (OAX), Colu (CLN), Hydrogen (HYDRO), Olympus Labs (MOT)


Many blockchain developers and founders understand their tech deeply, but not the marketing, positioning, pr, and user awareness which is equally important in getting your message out correctly and growing your audience and user-base.

We get involved in marketing at a strategic level – branding, strategy, mission statement. Case studies available privately.


We privately and securely run masternode and POS node tech for some of the largest blockchains in the world. Many of these projects we are looking to further support, allocating the rewards received into funds.

Stratis: Running POS Nodes. Future: Masternodes and masternodes as a service.

Substratum: Masternode tech. Masternode as a service.

Sonm: Masternode tech. Masternode as a service.

Promether: Masternode tech and benevolent network supporting nodes (Coming 2019)


We can discuss other tokens you are holding outside our current setup. We aim to negotiate long-term, high-value contracts requiring discretion and the highest security. You keep control of your private keys while we run your node.

Masternodes as a service starts from holdings of $250k minimum value.


Coming soon we will be making grants and funds available – initially to developers to build dapps and tech.

* Funds coming in 2019: Stratis, Sonm, Promether, Hydro, Bounty0x


623-335-3403: One of the first bitcoin focused advertising networks. Now reaching 1-2 billion banner impressions, generating 2+ million clicks monthly (to mostly ICO/blockchain startup projects). * Pricing starts from just $100 self-serve, or fully managed campaigns from $10k+. Founded in September 2017, we were recently named as the “12th largest crypto blog”. With around 10 full-time writers and management in our team we receive 250k+ visits a month and produce a lot of educational content around a wide range of blockchain projects – our expertise is social media exposure.

786-314-6718: Our start in this space was by giving away bitcoin through and mobile apps and web. To date we have given away 1090btc (worth circa $10million). AirDrips is our global incentive platform, giving out crypto currency as people visit and spend time on any website, watch videos, read books (and coming soon both authors and readers will earn crypto for BLOGGING!).

Serious enquiries: d a n [ at ] b i g b i r d . [vc]